I have always loved anything vintage and dreamt of owning my own iconic piece of social and design history and one windy day in Wemyss Bay my dreams came true. I am now the very, ridiculously proud, owner of the world’s smallest and cutest caravan a 10 foot 1970’s Ariel Sprite. The path of true love never runs smooth and there were many other suitors along the way. Living in Scotland its massively frustrating buying a caravan because they are rare which means relying on auction sites and online sellers whose photographic and descriptive skills mean that unless you fancy burning the miles between Scotland and the rest of UK for inspection visits for caravans you might not be the winning bidder for you are faced with playing caravan Russian roulette. Everytime I read a description and questioned a potential caravan vendor I kept thinking about the scene from ‘Snatch’ where Jason Statham’s character buys a secondhand sold as seen caravan which falls off its chassis when he tried to drive it away!

Be warned caravan viewings are like an episode of CSI trying to detect what horrors lurk beneath. I nearly bought a beautiful Danish MK5 caravan which was a shrine to 70’s space aesthetic. When the owner showed me the inbuilt cocktail cabinet I had to stop myself from clapping giddily and shouting yes I want it you had me at cocktail cabinet. Luckily my bad cop sidekick and future mechanic Iwan was intent on raining on my happy parade by pointing out crucial flaws. The spongy floor and damp should have had me running screaming from the caravan but instead I was already imagining myself sipping a cocktail in my space age egg shaped caravan. I didn’t win the auction and in light of what I know now about restoration I had a lucky escape. Another near miss was a Sprite in the Highlands which was the right price but on arrival was found to have a major fault with the chassis that the owner hadn’t picked up on and could have made our journey home, or in fact any journey, perilous.

After a lengthy and frustrating search for the perfect caravan I ended up buying the first caravan that I ever saw and wanted. Originally withdrawn from sale after the reluctant seller found new temporary storage he had to put it back on the market almost a year later. Our gorgeous caravan has had two previous owners a genteel older couple who had taken her all over Europe and the second a laid back party guy who had taken her to T in the Park with his mates where she had overflown with lager, the smell of lynx and festival mayhem! When we first saw her she was far from gorgeous with her dented panels, damp, rust and chipped paintwork. We named our glorious wee wreck of a caravan Vee after my glamorous Granny Vee the ultimate kitsch party girl. If Vee had seen her namesake when we first brought her home she wouldn’t have thanked me for the comparison but as soon as I saw Vee I knew that she would eventually look amazing.