Men have sheds women have …vintage caravans. Forget scientific data if ever you want to see the evidence for a cerebral difference in men and women show them both a picture of a vintage caravan and wait for their Rorsharch response. Men see a rusty chassis, dodgy electrics and their every spare waking hour for the rest of their adult life repairing a caravan that has been surpassed (in their mind) by modern materials, home comforts and size. Women see a caravan version of Pimp my Ride, something they can interior design to within an inch of its life and cushion and trim to the max. They also see fond memories of family caravan holidays and a generally pleasing design aesthetic. Women see vintage.

What is it about old caravans that makes people don rose tinted specs and gaze lovingly at a tin wreck and feel instantly smitten. Newer caravans might have it on the mod cons but the classic caravans of yesteryear the Cheltenhams, Airstreams, Thomson’s and Sprite’s have a body shape and styling that even Jayne Mansfield or Kim Kardashian would envy. Modern vans may come equipped with fridges and satellite tv’s but who can deny the genius of a caravan that has an inbuilt cocktail bar as its main feature!

Now that the ranks of vintage lovers have expanded from the ranks of pennywise students to people with disposable income the variety of vintage items that have been repurposed is ever growing. George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces programme and the street food movement have done a lot to popularise vintage vans. Citreon vans, old double deckers, even milk floats are used as mini cinemas, teashops, bars and of course now ….photo booths. The only limit to what you can do is your own imagination.

But why a photobooth? I worked in events for over 20 years and had been looking for a creative project that would combine my passion for all things vintage and helping people have fun at events. I had seen the street food vans and began to think about what else you could do with the vans. When I first graduated I ran a vintage clothes stall ‘Madame Choulet’s in Kent with my best friend Simone. When we decided to get ‘proper’ jobs we couldn’t part with our favourite items and over the years this exotic collection of hats and accessories has grown. After a stressful day at work there is no better way to recapture the fun than dressing up with your kids and seeing who can create the most extravagant creation. As the collection has grown so has the desire to share the fun. Vee’s co-owner/long suffering mechanic Iwan has since his early days starting out as a projectionist has had a love and passion for anything cinematic or photographic.